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Terminal Talk: Smaller & Better

A new terminal packages flexibility and configurability into a small footprint to serve lotteries’ evolving needs.

June 25, 2024

High-volume lottery retailers have differing store formats, but their wish-lists include more than a few commonalities:

They want to increase the efficiency of lottery players’ transactions and prevent long queues, avoid manual transaction errors and mechanical issues, make it easier for clerks to use the equipment, accommodate the different generational preferences of players ─ and do it all while minimizing the counter space required for a lottery terminal.

The new Retailer Pro S2 terminal from IGT meets these challenges while serving evolving lottery and player needs though a range of options that can be configured now and reconfigured in the future as requirements change.

Building on the strengths of IGT’s popular Retailer Pro ─ the most widely deployed terminal type in the industry with 155,000 units now in market around the world ─ the Retailer Pro S2 makes use of technological advances to package flexibility and configurability into a smaller footprint than both the original Pro and other similar high-volume clerk terminals.

IGT’s Paul Kallis, Vice President Lottery Product Research and Development, and Michael Roeygaard, Senior Director Product Management, share insights about the new terminal’s development and its advantages in a changing retail environment.

“From everything we learned in developing the Pro, we looked at where we could further optimize and improve on its success with this latest evolution,” says Roeygaard.

The Pro S2 incorporates some of the technology that IGT developed for its small-footprint terminal, the Retailer Select™ ─ notably the reduced depth (Pro S2’s depth is two-thirds that of the previous generation Pro) and a technology unique to IGT terminals that allows peripherals to be mounted on the terminal screen, saving even more counter space.

While a solution that takes up less space was critical for retailer acceptance, clerks prefer a large screen: “We worked to find the right balance with a reduced footprint and a high-definition, 15.6-inch clerk display with improved resolution for more crisp, clear content on the screens,” notes Roeygaard.

The unit’s improved ergonomics and accessibility to the playslip reader make it easier than ever for clerks to process transactions and perform routine maintenance. A high-speed contact image sensor (CIS) playslip reader features self-calibrating sensors to minimize maintenance, and passive (fanless) cooling and an external power supply improve terminal up-time and reliability, all supporting lower total cost of ownership.

The new terminal offers a range of other benefits to support lottery modernization.


Advancing the Retail Experience

Pro S2’s mounting system not only saves space but boosts the options for configurability ─ peripherals can be added to, removed, or swapped as technology evolves or an individual lottery’s needs change:

  • The clerk display incorporates an IGT technology enabling the inclusion of an integrated barcode reader, an optional fingerprint reader or ID reader for clerk login, and a camera ─ allowing lotteries to configure the terminals exactly as needed.

  • On the flip side is a variety of available player-facing displays: The player touch screen engages players and opens a world of marketing possibilities at the point of sale. Optional Elo Edge Connect™ technology enables the addition of player-facing peripherals directly on the display ─ such as a camera, NFC device, and scanner – again saving space on the counter while adding flexibility and configurability.

  • The player-facing peripherals provide interactivity for consumers as well as more visibility and control over their transactions. Players can confirm wagers to avoid errors, scan QR codes, and more.

  • The player-facing display can also discreetly show correct winning amounts and purchase price, for improved point-of-sale transparency.

“Players will be interacting with lottery differently than in the past,” says Kallis. “The future is all about making sure the player experience in a store is relevant and modern. It will include digitalizing some of those experiences.” The Retailer Pro S2 and, in fact, all IGT retail solutions, are built to support and enable the full gamut of digital transactions ─ what IGT refers to as Connected Play.

“Instead of verbal and a paper-based type of interaction, it will be a more self-serve type of interaction where players touch screens, tap phones, and tell the terminal what they want to do or what they want to purchase,” Kallis continues. “They can use the Lottery’s app to pull up favorites via digital playslips and place their order at the terminal, creating a paperless environment. They can get digital receipts instead of paper receipts and have more options to pay for their tickets via an eWallet. And, of course, some players will do all of this through the self-service channel. We’re helping lotteries track with how players are accustomed to buying other consumer products at retail.”

Offering peripherals as attachable devices on the Pro S2 enables many options for future capabilities to be swapped in and out as technology evolves, without replacing the core terminal. 



When Looks Count

“Our lottery POS equipment is critical as a branded, specific area that helps our customers promote lottery in their retailer locations,” says Kallis. “Options on the Retailer Pro S2 ─ such as the player-facing displays mounted to the terminal and the option to mount larger displays ─ all reduce the typical in-store clutter and help lotteries project a more modern brand and execution in store,” adds Roeygaard.

Advancing the status quo with a more contemporary design also supports lotteries with recruitment: The innovation is visible to retailers and “seeing it lowers the barriers to entry for them,” says Roeygaard.

The Retailer Pro S2 helps retailers project a more modern brand in store and highlights the fact that they offer lottery. 

Retailer Response

Retailers from different trade styles in multiple jurisdictions who participated in in-person focus groups on the Retailer Pro S2 readily recognized the many advantages of the new terminal. Common feedback included:

  • Enthusiasm for the customer facing screen, so players could double-check their lottery numbers and games ordered before printing their tickets, to avoid clerk errors and increase player engagement.

  • Appreciation for the large size of the touchscreen and its ease of use.

  • Strong affinity for functionality that retailers want and don’t currently have, including the ability to easily scan playslips in any direction/clear the scanner. Many also appreciated the well-placed power button. 

  • Optimizing the efficiency of transactions, as retailers are sensitive to how even the smallest changes in transaction length can significantly impact queues, customer loyalty, and sales.

While all lotteries are heading down the path of retail modernization, they don’t need to deploy all the components of the ecosystem at once. Lotteries can introduce new digital functionality in phases, and a flexible terminal like the Pro S2 is one good place to start.

Contact your IGT representative to learn more.


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