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Restoring Hanging Lake: A Community Effort Powered by Colorado Lottery Proceeds

PUEBLO, Colo. (June 6, 2024)

A Beloved Destination in Need of Renewal

Hanging Lake, one of Colorado's most cherished hiking and waterfall destinations, offers visitors a stunning payoff after a steep 1.2-mile climb. The rocky ascent leads to a serene oasis where waterfalls cascade into a breathtaking blue-green lake, making it a must-visit spot for nature lovers.


Challenges Overcome

The past four years have been tough on Hanging Lake. In 2020, the Grizzly Creek fire ravaged 33,000 acres in Glenwood Canyon and the surrounding areas. Although Hanging Lake survived the fire, subsequent floods caused by the damaged landscape led to intermittent closures, severely limiting public access.

A Path to Preservation

Now, thanks to the support of the Colorado Lottery and its partners, Hanging Lake is set to receive a much-needed restoration. This $4.5 million project aims to ensure the trail remains open and accessible for years to come. Key improvements include:

  • Replacing bridges to ensure safe passage

  • Adding a boardwalk to protect the delicate ecosystem

  • Rebuilding sections of the trail to enhance the hiking experience

  • Implementing measures to protect t he surrounding forest

Funding for this ambitious project comes from multiple sources. Great Outdoors Colorado, funded by the Colorado Lottery, is contributing $2.3 million. The remaining funds will be provided by the White River National Forest, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the National Forest Foundation, and the city of Glenwood Springs.

The Impact of Restoration

Before the pandemic and wildfire, Hanging Lake attracted around 1,000 hikers per day during the summer. Restoring and upgrading the trail ensures that this natural treasure remains accessible, safe, and sustainable for future generations to enjoy.

See the Transformation

Watch this short video to see how Lottery dollars are hard at work restoring this beautiful gem. Lottery players’ support helps make projects like this possible, preserving the natural wonders that make Colorado so special. The project is slated to be complete in fall 2024.

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