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Idaho Lottery Named the Winner for the Lottery Category in the 2024 CSN Category Captains Awards

CONVENIENCE STORE NEWS (March 29, 2024) – The convenience store industry is facing challenges from growing competition in the marketplace combined with the need to satisfy increasing consumer expectations related to better value. A difficult macroeconomic environment is driving consumers today to be more cautious, price-sensitive and selective about the purchases they make.

These factors were clearly evident in the more than 65 entries received for the 2024 Convenience Store News Category Captains awards competition, now in its 11th year.

In a time of ongoing economic headwinds and shifts in consumer behavior, the 16 winners selected for recognition this year – a mix of perennial category leaders and some newcomers – provide their retailer customers with the tools to succeed. From new product innovation to leveraging the latest technology, they help c-store retailers grow the overall category.

Past Times Marketing, a consumer research and product evaluation firm based in New York, judged the entries based on information supplied by participating companies. Past Times President and CEO Susan Durtschi has more than 40 years of experience as a buyer, merchandise manager, private label product developer and online marketer for a variety of national and regional retailers and her own retail company.

All entries were judged based on:

  • Product innovation;

  • Creativity in merchandising, marketing, promotion and advertising;

  • Use of consumer insights to drive total category sales;

  • Innovative and dynamic category management tools and technologies;

  • Demonstrated commitment to meeting the specific needs of retailer customers;

  • Efficiently lifting sales for the entire product category; and

  • Fact-based evidence of market-specific or account-specific results.

Meet the 2024 Category Captain for Lottery: Idaho Lottery

Time after time, it has been proven that lottery sales create ancillary sales for convenience stores. The Idaho Lottery prides itself on being innovative in its partnerships with c-store retailers through the use of signage inside and outside the store, attracting customers from the fuel pumps to the store.

Stanchion signs are utilized throughout the store to entice customers to purchase lottery while shopping or waiting in line for the cashier. After placing stanchions in 67 stores, the Idaho Lottery saw lottery sales increase up to 255% over a three-month period.

The signs not only elevated sales from 30% to 193% over the three-month study, but they also helped close the distance on language barriers through the use of Spanish language signs.

In addition to permanent signage, the Idaho Lottery prints stunning banners for its retailers to display for 30 days from each lottery win. These banners appeal to customers at the pump and draw in vehicles that may be driving by the c-store, thus creating additional sales.

Every day of the year, the Idaho Lottery offers entertaining games from the multimillion-dollar jackpot games like Powerball and Mega Millions to Scratch Games with top prizes starting at $500.

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