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North Dakota Lottery Celebrates 20 Years

VALLEY NEWS LIVE (February 23, 2024) – The North Dakota Lottery just had its 20th year anniversary.

Ryan Koppy, North Dakota Lottery’s sales and marketing manager, said players have won over $179,000,000 in prizes over the course of two decades, not including the 2024 fiscal year.

Koppy said the majority of ticket money goes toward the state general fund. The remaining money is transferred to the multijurisdictional drug task force fund, the state-wide litigation pool and other state-run agencies.

Besides the entertainment it provides, Koppy said the lottery is important for other reasons.

“Whatever money they play in the North Dakota Lottery, it benefits all those in North Dakota,” said Koppy.

Koppy said the highest winnings given out by the North Dakota Lottery have been two $3 million prizes.

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