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Lottery Dollars: A Great Catch for Minnesota

ROSEVILLE, Minn. (May 21, 2024) Minnesota’s Fishing season officially kicked off on Saturday, May 11 and regardless of where you were in Minnesota, it likely felt more like a summer day than opening day.

The Minnesota Lottery was a proud sponsor of the Governor’s Fishing Opener again this year. Festivities were held in the beautiful historic river town of Lake City. We were excited to partake in their community event on Friday night along Lake Pepin. Despite the wind, event goers enjoyed live music, food trucks, and of course playing games for prizes at our booth.

Through the Minnesota Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund, lottery proceeds help fund a variety of programs and projects all around the state to benefit Minnesota’s fishing industry and ensure that one of Minnesota’s favorite pastimes remains healthy and accessible for all Minnesotans.

Here are just some of the ways Minnesota Lottery proceeds are helping to make a difference.

Improving Water Quality

Lottery proceeds have supported numerous research initiatives to help protect and improve the water quality of Minnesota’s lakes, rivers and streams so Minnesotans can enjoy our land of 10,000 lakes all year long.

Increasing Access to Minnesota Waterways

Through land acquisition and the development and construction of boat accesses, fishing piers and shore fishing stations, lottery proceeds increase access for anglers in each of Minnesota’s 87 counties.

Restoring Native Mussels

Native mussels help cleanse the water they live in and are critically important to the health of Minnesota lakes and rivers. The DNR, with the help of a grant funded by lottery dollars, is working to restore native mussel populations destroyed by pollution and harvesting back to Minnesota waterways.

Trout Stream Restoration

Since 2007, lottery proceeds have supported the restoration of trout streams in Southeastern Minnesota, including parts of Zumbro River, Root River and the Winnebago River. These efforts have improved streams to better support habitat for trout and other species and have increased the capacity of local conservation efforts to help implement similar future projects.

Learn more about how we’re playing our part for Minnesota here.

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