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Happy 60th Anniversary to the First U.S. Lottery

By Scientific Games

March 21, 2024

NASPL Insights Online

Commemorating the biggest anniversary in the U.S. lottery industry, the New Hampshire Lottery has launched two sensational new scratch games celebrating 60 years of generating funding for education in the state.

In 1964, New Hampshire Governor John King signed a bill creating the first modern-day lottery in the U.S. and voters in New Hampshire went to the polls to answer one question: Do you allow the sale of Sweepstakes tickets? Of the state’s 211 cities and towns, 198 voted yes. On March 12, just two days after the vote, the first Sweepstakes ticket priced at $3 went on sale and benefits to education in the state began. Sales have since grown from $5.7 million that first year to a record $603 million by 2023.


Lucky X, the first New Hampshire Lottery scratch game went on sale in 1975. The game was produced by Scientific Games, a new company that had just developed and launched the world’s first secure instant game for neighboring Massachusetts. It began a partnership that would span nearly five decades and set example after example for instant game security, marketing and success.

As the New Hampshire Lottery celebrates its 60th year, the Lottery is ranked No. 10 in the world for weekly per capita instant game sales (MAP data 2023). More than $2.6 billion has been contributed to New Hampshire schools thanks to the Lottery’s success. And its leadership continues to create excitement with innovative scratch games and portfolio management.

“Scientific Games has been a tremendous partner to the New Hampshire Lottery for a number of decades, helping us create exciting, engaging games that capture the attention of our loyal players, while also helping us reach new audiences,” says Charlie McIntyre, Executive Director, New Hampshire Lottery.

For the occasion, the Lottery’s product managers teamed up with Scientific Games’ creatives to design a game worthy of a 60th year celebration. Loaded with $60 prizes and featuring a $60,000 top prize, the 60th Anniversary Celebration game looks like a party. The team chose a platinum stock to make confetti and gold star symbols sparkle.


“This $5 game has a festive appeal at retail and it’s a great value proposition for New Hampshire players who want to get in on the anniversary celebration and have lots of opportunities to win,” describes Jeremy Kyzer, VP of Sales for Scientific Games.


The two teams also came together to create a $25 scratch game as part of its celebration. The price point launched about 10 years ago and it is currently the Lottery’s highest price point in its portfolio.

“We are seeing strong momentum with scratch tickets at higher price points as New Hampshire leads the country in weekly per capita sales for $25 games,” shares McIntyre.  “This new $25 scratch ticket is a perfect example of how we work with Scientific Games to respond to trends and to make sure our products line up with the pulse of the industry. We are looking forward to driving strong sales with this new game as we celebrate our 60th anniversary.”


With prizes beginning at $60, the key number match game features a $2 million annuity top prize and bonus play. It was produced by Scientific Games with Premium Metallic Ink and gold and twinkle Sparkle Select patterns.


“Our talented team of product experts launched this $25 game based on proven marketing approaches we have developed over years of launching other successful higher price point games for Scientific Games lottery customers,” explains Kyzer.


Over the years, the New Hampshire Lottery has led with strategic vision to offer its players entertaining scratch experiences. Winners were offered once-in-a-lifetime experiences in Linked Games like THE PRICE IS RIGHT with a chance to play the COME ON DOWN Challenge for up to $50 million. And the Lottery’s I Heart Bacon game captured the interest of ABC’s Good Morning America television show, further being picked up by worldwide media.

The New Hampshire Lottery participates in Scientific Games Enhanced Partnership instant game management services and uses the company’s retailer management system – with the technology in both providing data analytics that help drive performance and eliminate out-of-stocks across its network of nearly 1,400 retailers.


With scratch games representing 63% of traditional retail product revenues in New Hampshire, looking back across the decades, the Lottery and schools in the state have a lot to celebrate. For now, sales for both 60th anniversary games are off to a jubilant start.


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