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NJ Lottery Wins Prestigious Advertising Award

The Jersey Debate Ticket wins gold REGGIE Award in Best New Product or Service Launch

TRENTON (May 3, 2024) – New Jerseyans up and down the coast love a savory breakfast sandwich, that much we can agree on. The problem is what to call the sizzling sliced meat that goes on this local favorite, and New Jersey is split. Last May, New Jersey Lottery launched The Jersey Debate Scratch-Off ticket, and players loved it. The product launch received a custom advertising campaign to support it, featuring local deli promotions, a shout-out from Governor Murphy, a 65-foot Lucky Pig hot air balloon, and check-ins with players all throughout the state answering the question – is it pork or ham?

The 2024 REGGIE Awards, hosted by the Association of National Advertisers, awarded the top prize to NJ Lottery’s The Jersey Debate ticket in the “Best New Product or Service Launch” category, winning over other finalists Lysol and McDonald’s for the gold prize. New Jersey Lottery’s sales and marketing vendor, Northstar NJ Lottery, and advertising partner,

PureRed, helped bring this one-of-a-kind ticket to life. You won’t find a pork/ham themed ticket anywhere else, that’s for sure.

The ticket offers three top prizes of $200,000; two have been found already, but there is still a jackpot-winning ticket out there waiting for a lucky player to scratch it! Visit our website for more information on The Jersey Debate odds and prizes.

So, what is the final ruling on this breakfast meat dispute? We’re not telling. What Jersey thing will NJ Lottery bring to a retailer near you next? Find out soon at

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