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NASPL Brand Redesign

After thoughtful consideration and reflection on our Association’s trajectory, we at NASPL felt it was time to refresh our brand identity. Part of this includes a fresh logo, website, and a new approach to our Insights publications. The past six months – rife with countless emails, endless editing, and plenty of trial and error – have led to what we feel is a significant and meaningful upgrade to the NASPL brand.

The inspiration behind the logo redesign was multifaceted. Our primary objective was to simplify the visual elements while preserving the essence of unity among our membership. Rather than incorporating distinct symbols to represent individual lotteries across North America, we opted to pivot towards highlighting the four key regions that make up the Association. The redesigned visual mark features half-circles emanating from “N.A.” and converging towards the letter “L” in “Lotteries,” symbolizing the formation of NASPL. This imagery also serves to metaphorically depict an umbrella or dome over the states and provinces constituting NASPL, underscoring our organization’s role as the overarching body for North American lotteries.

We believe that this shift not only modernizes our visual identity but also better encapsulates the essence of NASPL as an organization. Moving forward, our new logo embodies our collective identity as the unifying force supporting North American lotteries, reflecting our commitment to the betterment of the industry.


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