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From the NASPL President

February 16, 2024 NASPL Insights Online

It’s been said that the world is in our hands and when you think about it, this couldn’t be more true. Phones, tablets, desktop and laptop computers, and even VR headsets make the world wide web available to us 24/7. It doesn’t matter if we’re home having dinner, on vacation, or at work, we can connect with people, share information, and conduct business anytime we want.

To that end, and thanks to ever-changing technology, we have created an exciting new public website at, which we believe has the potential to be one of our most powerful marketing tools. It's a place where we intend to inform, impress, and share the tremendous impact of the lottery industry in North America.

I am so proud of our dedicated NASPL team. For more than six months, they have created, collaborated, and refined the new site, working through the ups and downs of developing an entirely new platform, all while staying focused on the goal of creating an innovative new information tool for the industry. A special thanks goes to our Art Director John Koenig, whose creative vision drove the design.

Along with the all-new public, we are introducing its companion site, Insights Online replaces the former Insights magazine PDF with a device-friendly format that includes all the Insights content you have come to expect, plus informative content provided by our Associate Members along with industry press releases.

One new editorial category on Insights Online is Creative Campaigns. This content, which will alternate with Research Corner, is an opportunity for lotteries to showcase their best advertising and marketing campaigns.

Going forward, new content will be added to Insights Online on a monthly basis. Depending on the month, you’ll find the popular categories we have always included, such as Making a Difference, Responsible Gambling and Lottery Profiles. You’ll appreciate feature articles on a variety of timely topics, plus our occasional Focus On sections that dive deep into a variety of subjects, including games, retail, online and interactive, public relations, beneficiaries, marketing, and more.

For good measure, we also provide an index covering the past seven years of Insights magazine content and links to the PDFs, should you want to find specific topics from the recent past.

I’m very excited about the potential of the new and its companion Insights Online. Having these modern homes for lottery content, from information about NASPL and our entire industry to content covering the latest trends and innovations in the industry, can contribute to reshaping the lottery landscape in a positive way and help all of us stay more informed. Combined, they aim to bring the lottery industry to life and provide compelling content that inspires and engages our users – all in a searchable, online format designed to easily navigate on any screen.

Cindy Polzin

NASPL President

Wisconsin Lottery Director 

P.S. Check out this post for more information and a sneak peek at what went into creating a new NASPL logo.


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