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Mississippi Lottery’s June Scratch-Off Games Unleashed

Winning pups from Lucky Dog promo make their debut

JACKSON, Miss. (May 28, 2024) – Get your paws on the newest Mississippi Lottery scratch-off games Tuesday, June 4, including the $5 Lucky Dog game featuring eight canines from across the state.

Mississippi Lottery Insiders submitted more than 3,300 photos of their favorite furry friends in January. Mississippi Lottery staffers winnowed the initial entries down to 25, and the public picked the prize pooches in online balloting. The winning owners each received an extra treat of $1,000 cash.

With top prizes of $100,000 and with approximate overall odds of 1:4.03, the Lucky Dog game is destined to be a scratch-off player’s best friend in the dog days of summer.

Speaking of summer, try the $2 Bring the Heat with approximate overall odds of 1:4.73 and top prizes of $20,000, or players can go for Extreme Payday, the $10 game with approximate overall odds of 1:4.18 and top prizes of $200,000.

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