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How Real-Time Data & AI Help Propel Today’s Lotteries

With IGT and Xtremepush

May 27, 2024

NASPL Insights Online

Lotteries can better understand and engage players in real-time, thanks to IGT’s enhanced CRM capabilities including Xtremepush.

Xtremely Exciting

A “must-have” for today’s online marketers, and especially lotteries, is the ability to gain actionable insights into consumers’ behavior in multiple channels by testing different marketing creative, sender addresses, calls to action and subject lines; and to measure and evaluate results, including registrations and sales.


Those are just some of the available attributes that drove IGT to partner with Xtremepush, the leading provider of CRM and loyalty marketing powered by AI, enabling lotteries to potentially leverage those “must-haves” and much more.

IGT is investing in supersizing its capability to responsibly support player relationship management through the partnership, which will bring new CRM capabilities to customers for whom IGT provides robust Player Marketing Services, including mobile marketing, where more than 80% of iLottery sales are initiated.

Personalized Messaging 

“Leveraging IGT’s CRM platform featuring Xtremepush will allow lotteries to reach out to consumers with personalized messaging,” said Karri Paavilainen, IGT Vice President, iLottery Product and Services. “This will enable lotteries to create and enrich its relationships with players based on multiple attributes within our flexible system.”

CRM features that lotteries can utilize include creating unified player profiles by pulling in information from their activity on all platforms – mobile website, desktop, and app – for a comprehensive and real-time player view; the ability to personalize content and campaigns using attributes from data; plus, response metrics and reporting, including key ROI information. Real-time data and predictive modeling can be leveraged to deliver hyper-personalized campaigns, for example in the form of game and promotion recommendations or churn prevention. 

As always, the ability for customers to opt out of communications will be maintained. Lotteries will utilize player data to exclude any players who have self-excluded from receiving communications.


More potential capabilities for lotteries include opportunities to:


  • Identify trends and rules to set automated messages and create specific customer journeys

  • Customize campaigns to cross-sell similar products and/or games

  • Send push notifications, web push, in-app messages, and emails to players depending on their opt-in status and preferences

  • Automate player messages and promotions

  • Automate and send nightly winning numbers to subscribed email addresses

  • Receive reports on sent message volume and all engagement metrics


Enhancing the Future

Lotteries can enhance their future by leveraging capabilities to address critical phases in the player journey and trends to drive player engagement.


Some examples of how IGT’s Player Marketing teams will immediately create value:


  1. Welcome Journey Automation – Lotteries can build automated, multistage player journeys to accompany the player through their first weeks of engaging with the program. Guiding players through the registration process and initial iLottery activity helps set the tone for their experiences throughout the player lifecycle.

  2. Cross Product/Promotional Campaigns – Lotteries can develop player profiles and monitor player interactions. This enables customers to identify player patterns that are ripe for cross promotional offers and can trigger automated “sends” for available cross play offers.

  3. Lapsed Player Journeys - Utilizing trends and player behavior data, lotteries will be able to identify players that have either lapsed, or are likely to lapse, and send them personalized messaging and/or promotions to build their iLottery game experience and reduce player churn.


As a result of IGT’s enhanced CRM capabilities, lotteries will benefit from the ability to launch iLottery campaigns specific to individual players, their habits, and their preferences in minutes. From email to push notifications and in-app messaging, lotteries can choose the communication channels and functionalities they need and add more as they grow. With features such as Xtremepush, IGT’s CRM system allows for continual evolution, providing lotteries with even more features and possibilities to come.


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