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Bill to Require Warnings in Gambling Ads Advances in NY

SBC AMERICAS (May 31, 2024) A bill aimed at educating the public on the harmful effects of gambling has passed in the New York Senate.

Assembly Bill 1118 unanimously passed in the Senate on Thursday by a 57-0 vote as a piece of legislation that ensures safe marketing practices for gambling and sports betting.

AB 1118, introduced by Assemblyman Clyde Vanel, amends racing, pari-mutuel wagering, and breeding law. The bill is also co-sponsored by Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara.

The measure, a substitute for Senate Bill 1550, requires all sports betting and gambling ads to “include warnings about potential harmful and addictive effects of gambling.” The bill also mandates the New York State Gaming Commission (NYSGC) to provide advertising guidelines on its website. The NYSGC must also collaborate with the commissioner of addiction services to ensure that all gaming ads include a problem gambling hotline.

AB 118 will now head to the House for further consideration. Lawmakers in the House will have to move quickly with the bill as New York’s current legislative session ends on June 6.

Other related measures in New York

Lawmakers in the state have introduced two additional bills that amend gaming law.

Sen. Joseph P. Addabbo is sponsoring Senate Bill 1557, which aims to prohibit gambling for patrons under the age of 21. The bill also includes an age requirement for pari-mutuel wagering. SB 1557, co-sponsored by Sen. Liz Krueger, has advanced to its third reading.

Senate Bill 8439 has also advanced to its third reading.

The measure, which is also sponsored by Addabbo, authorizes 1% of tax revenue from sports betting to be allocated toward problem gambling treatment. The amount shall be no less than $6 million after its first full year of implementation.

SB 8439 also mandates a portion of revenue for the state’s General Fund.

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